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Upcoming Singles & Acoustic Covers

Time Bomb

This is my first ever single Time Bomb featuring Ioana Pavel. Time Bomb is a spirited Blues Rock song of unmediated honesty. The 23 year old multinational artist tackles the different stages of affliction when facing life’s adversities.


Uncertainty about the future is portrayed through the lyrics, but also through the warm vocals reflecting soul influences. A gripping sense of resilience is conveyed through the powerful vocals and the climax is built throughout the song. A compelling combination of groovy distorted guitars, a heavy bassline, snappy drums and sustained organ chords enlivens the listener. This track stirs the fighting spirit in us all, even in our darkest moments: that’s the power of music for you.

Mix & Master by Max Yme


This song talks about self doubt and hope. Through a fusion of Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop, I talk about about how anxiety can be turned into determination. It's all about believing, because faith is the key to succeed.This is the demo version, the final version will be released on your favorite streaming platforms.

Produced by: Berta Kennedy

Mix & Master by Max Yme

Feeling Good (Nina Simone Cover)

Here's one of my acoustic covers with Tim Cooper on piano. I interpreted this song with a darker tone than the original whilst conveying vulnerability. I illustrate, through this bare arrangement, the different stages of pain until you end up genuinely "Feeling Good".

Mix and Mastering by 88K Productions.

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