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Lydia Stryder is a singer, songwriter and rapper.

Known for her French Touch and her boldness, she explores a variety of styles, going from Punk/Grime to Neo-Soul, from Blues/Rock to Jazz influenced Hip-Hop. With her warm and powerful voice she fearlessly challenges the notion of genre.


As a multi-instrumentalist, she blends her personal, musical experiences and cultures to create her distinctive but recognisable sound. This hybridity is translated in her singles but also in her debut EP, which is set to be launched and performed live in 2020.


Since the early years, her love for music grew with a variety of performances that were not rare to see. Her enthusiasm carried on throughout the years with a drive to draw on her eclectic musical tastes in developing a style uniquely her own. Born in Marseille, from an English mother and Egyptian father, Lydia was raised with a rich cultural heritage. From a very young age, she’s shown a musical interest, from bopping her head in the pram, dancing in front of the mirror to performing in festivals and Hip/Hop dance competitions.


Lydia’s creativity was brought across to Edinburgh, Scotland in 2016 and soon the prestigious band, Red Larsen, comprised of friends from university, came to be. Blending feisty vocals, heavy riffs and a fusion of Grunge Stoner/New Metal, this new project allowed Lydia to further expand her musicality and gave her insight into the more managerial role of the industry. After 3 successful years in the band, Lydia is starting to come into her own, creating and exploring new solo projects which will showcase her ability as a singer/performer whilst still performing with Red Larsen.


There are many ways to describe Lydia Stryder, the words unique, driven, and charismatic are to name some. Few people have the ability to sing and rap whilst delivering a performance so honestly from their heart and soul. Lydia Stryder does so in just the right way; combining art, story, and song in perfect unison.

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